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We are a non-profit organization based out of Bothell, WA.  At this point, as of August, 2011, we are virtually completely concept only, and are the early development phases.  We have applied for a grant from Ashoka Seattle through SVP's (Social Venture Partners) SIFP (Social Innovation Fast Pitch).  We have applied in their high-school range.  Our goal through this event is to get recognition with schools, volunteers, and potential investors.  We hope to attract financial institutions and companies to invest in us, as we are creating future responsible customers for them.  We also need volunteers to teach the program in schools, and we need schools that will allow us to teach our material. 

The founder of MoneySense is Akshay Chalana.  You can find him online at

You can access our SIFP Application here.

You can access our Executive Summary here

You can access our One-Pager here.

You can access our PowerPoint Presentation here

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